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Hamdard Joshina Herbal Cough Remedy & Cold Syrup

Hamdard Joshina Herbal Cough Remedy & Cold Syrup

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Hamdard Joshina Herbal Cough Remedy & Cold Syrup


Hamdard Joshina is a popular herbal cough syrup formulated to provide relief from cough and cold. This ayurvedic medicine combines various natural ingredients known for their effectiveness in treating respiratory ailments. Here, we explore the benefits, ingredients, usage, and pricing of Hamdard Joshina.


Benefits of Hamdard Joshina

1. Effective Cough Relief: Hamdard Joshina is specially designed to relieve cough, including dry cough and persistent cough.

2. Cold Remedy: It helps alleviate symptoms of cold, making it easier to breathe and reducing discomfort.

3. Herbal Composition: Made from natural herbs, Joshina is a safe and gentle remedy without the side effects commonly associated with synthetic cough syrups.


Key Ingredients

Hamdard Joshina contains a blend of herbal ingredients known for their medicinal properties, including:

- Tulsi (Holy Basil): Known for its ability to relieve respiratory disorders.

- Liquorice (Mulethi): Soothes the throat and reduces irritation.

- Vasaka (Malabar Nut): Effective in treating cough and asthma.

- Unani Herbs: A combination of various other herbs to enhance overall efficacy.


How to Use Hamdard Joshina

Dosage: For adults, the recommended dosage is two teaspoons (10 ml) of Hamdard Joshina syrup, three times a day. For children, one teaspoon (5 ml) three times a day is advised.

Method: It can be taken directly or diluted with lukewarm water for better taste and faster relief.


Conclusion Hamdard Joshina is a trusted herbal cough and cold remedy that offers effective relief with the goodness of natural ingredients. Its ease of use and availability in different sizes make it a convenient option for those seeking a natural solution to respiratory ailments.

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