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Hamdard Itrifal Muqil

Hamdard Itrifal Muqil

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Hamdard Itrifal Muqil is a Unani herbal preparation designed to address haemorrhoids, offering relief from associated symptoms such as constipation and haemorrhoidal bleeding.

Key Ingredients:
1. Post halela zard
2. Halela kabuli
3. Halela siyah
4. Post balela
5. Amla
6. Maweez munaqqa
7. Muqil / Gokul
8. Aab-e-Gandana sabz
9. Roghan badam
10. Shahad

Key Benefits
1. Haemorrhoid Management: The formulation is specifically crafted to address haemorrhoids and alleviate irritation in the affected area.
2. Bleeding Control: Itrifal Muqil may aid in stopping haemorrhoidal bleeding, providing relief from pain associated with this condition.
3. Constipation Relief: The herbal blend works to relieve constipation, promoting regular bowel movements.
4. Stool Softening: The ingredients contribute to softening the stool, facilitating easier bowel movements.

Hamdard Itrifal Muqil offers a comprehensive solution for those dealing with haemorrhoids, providing relief from discomfort and promoting digestive well-being.

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