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Hamdard Halwa Salab

Hamdard Halwa Salab

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Hamdard Halwa Salab stands as a distinguished Unani remedy, expertly crafted from a medley of natural constituents celebrated for their potential advantages in men's wellness. This distinctive blend, in powder form, is tailored to bolster male reproductive vigor and vitality. Its formulation comprises a potent fusion of herbs, prominently featuring Salab Misri (Orchis mascula), esteemed for its aphrodisiac attributes since antiquity. The preparation of this halwa employs time-honored methods, ensuring the preservation of its efficacy and potency, presenting a delectable and convenient means to integrate these beneficial herbs into one's daily regimen.


- Illaichi Khurd
- Behman Surkh
- Salab Misri
- Javitri
- Jaiphal
- Khulanjan
- Darchini
- Zanjabeel
- Shaqaqul Misri
- Maghz Badam Shirin
- Maghz Pista
- Maghz Chironji
- Maghz Akhrot
- Maghz Tukhm Kharbooza
- Maghz Narjeel
- Arad Baqla
- Ghee
- Shakar Safaid
- Arad Nakhud
- Arq Kewra
- Sat-e-Leemun
- Sat-e-Loban Hubatul Khizra
- Habb-e-Quilquil

Key Benefits:
- Formulated to foster male reproductive health and enhance vigor and vitality
- Aids in augmenting physical performance
- Natural constituents may elevate energy levels and fortify stamina
- Supports kidney and digestive system robustness
- Contributes to overall well-being, fostering a sense of vitality

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