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Dr Grover

Dr Grover Diamond Eye Drops

Dr Grover Diamond Eye Drops

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Dr. Grover Diamond Eye Drops

Dr Grover Diamond Eye Drops are employed to achieve a clear eyesight. They can also be utilized in instances of persistent redness and discomfort of the eyes. Moreover, they aid in enhancing vision and addressing nearsightedness and farsightedness. They prove effective for diabetic retinopathy as well, contributing to attaining a more distinct eyesight.

This distinctive blend of Punerniva and Trifulla, coupled with the specialized preparation method, stimulate moisture supply to the front part of the eye, easily penetrate into the inner chambers, and enhance the flow of fluid within the eye, thus revitalizing the entire ocular system. For more than five decades, this herbal concoction has been extensively tested on various eye conditions by numerous eye specialists who have confirmed its effectiveness. Its consistent use over several weeks has consistently led to improved vision and livelier eyes. It has demonstrated consistently remarkable outcomes in cases of refractive irregularities.

Constituents of Dr. Grover Diamond Eye Drops:
Punernava: Punarnava may help thwart eye-related issues like puffiness, infection, and discomfort. It plays a role in balancing the Kapha and Pitta doshas, which further aid in diminishing eye inflammation and maintaining ocular well-being.
Triphala: Triphala bolsters the eye muscles, thereby enhancing eyesight. The rationale behind the efficacy of this Ayurvedic remedy lies in its inclusion of Amalaki or Amla. According to Ayurvedic principles, Amla is believed to amplify the Alochaka Pitta, governing eyesight.

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